Axholme CC

30th July 2019
1) Added the clubs competition rules.
2) Added this page to record modifications
3) Updated the front page with details of next meeting.

12th Aug 2019
4) Corrected spelling mistake on front page.

4th Sep 2019
5) Added links to tutorials.
6) Added link to Alan Keen's images.
7) Added Competition winners 2018.

18th Sep 2019
8) Updated front page, to include months programme and sparse details of Aus Comp.
9) Inserted new picture of George
10) Inserted new details of speakers.
11) Add links to Ivan Sedgwick's images
12) Added ads from clubs sponsors.
13) Added handbook to downloads.

23rd Sep 2019
14) Added the pdf report of round one competition

25th Sep 2019

15) Added details of RSPB talk in October

27th Sep 2019

16) Added details of aviation talk at Deepings Camera Club

16th 17th October

17) Corrected name of speaker
18) added link to George Fiddler's images
19) added report about competition no 2
20) updated the home page