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Further details of Axholme Camera Club Speakers, 2019/2020

10th September 2019, Royston Packer. Travel and Wildlife
Royston Packer DPAGB. AWPF. LSINWP lives in Doncaster.
He is a multi-international award-winning photographer.
After retiring from a career in business, he has devoted his time to all things photography. He has travelled extensively with a particular focus on the tigers of India.

2nd October 2019, Andrea Hargreaves. The Art of Metamorphosis.
Andrea Hargreaves MPAGB. EFIAP/b. BPE3. PSA4 is a member of Pontefract Camera Club and is on the executive committee of the Yorkshire Photographic Union.
Her particular interest lies in creating her own original images in Photoshop, composed from her own photographs.

29th October 2019, Stewart Wall. Pixels and Peas
Stewart Wall is a photographer, lecturer and Royal Photographic Distinction Assessor. Stewart will outline his passion for urban street photography through his talk on little BIG stories on your doorstep.

26th November 2019, Gary Langley. Faces and Places.
Gary Langley is a past member of the SWPP and the BPPA,
Wedding and portrait photography. He has developed a style of portrait photography through his fascination with fashion and the way people look and dress. He endeavours to evoke emotion through his portrait photography. When not photographing people he enjoys photographing landscape, seascape and the natural world.

7th January 2020, Gianpiero Ferrari FRPS. Queensland and the Red Hot Centre.
Gianpiero began his interest inwildlife photography about 25 years ago and loves every aspect of natural history, from the smallest of flowers to the largest mammals. His work features in many publications such as BBC Wildlife Magazine, RSPB calendars, and the Collins Field Guides.

5th February 2020, Erica Oram. Seeing Opportunity
Erica is a member of the Sheffield Photographic Society but spends much of her time lecturing and judging. This leads to rare opportunities for her photography so she is always keen to make the most openings that come her way. She tries to be creative both in camera and in Photoshop, always looking for something a bit different.

4th March, Derek Doar. A passion for Printing, Landscape and Nature.
Derek has been a keen photographer for over 50 years. His first love is photographing the landscape in the Peak District and The Isle of Harris. He has a passion for printing images in the panoramic format, using an Epsom 3800 printer. Derek is also a representative for Fotospeed papers. His talk will include a mixture of subjects including Natural History, Landscape, Colour and Black and White and Infrared images.

1st April 2020, Geoff Trinder. All Sorts
Geoff is a well-known local photographer, who has devoted the years of his retirement from teaching to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.
Geoff is also a member of the Royal Photographic Society and served on the committee of the Nature Group for 13 years; two of which were as Chairman. Having travelled extensively, his photography includes images of insects, plants, reptiles, birds and mammals and landscape.

28th April 2020, Colin New. Iceland and the Faroe Islands
Colin New is a Sheffield photographer of renown. His work is very diverse and ranges from dark melancholy landscapes to ethereal flower studies. He sees photography as a mirror reflecting life as it is and draws out an emotional response that captivates the viewer.

15th July 2020, Duncan Hill MPAGB. EFIAP. Sport and Nature.
Duncan Hill is a member of Doncaster Camera Club and Axholme Camera Club. To build his excellent photographic portfolio Duncan has travelled extensively. His award-winning photographs include: Racing Grey Wolves, Siberian Tiger and Gentoo Penguin surfing. Duncan is also well known for his images that show the effort and skill required in sporting events.